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The Connection Church
To God Together

Our  DNA

We're a Foursquare Church that believes in traditional Christian values, follow Jesus’ example of sacrificial love, and have a Spirit-filled modern sense of adventure. We value really getting to know people, and love connecting and sharing food, especially breakfast at church on a Sunday morning (free and fabulous!). We believe God is VERY creative, and the Sunday service emphasizes interactive learning, memorable ‘out of the box’ illustrations, which help us grasp timeless truths, and eternal wisdom. The Gospel brings peace between God and humanity (Romans 5:1), between one another (Ephesians 2:14), and redemption to all who will live by faith (Isaiah 54:4-5). As a community together we are seeking to be connected as we love God, love others, and are loved (Mark 12:30-31).



The Connection Church's upcoming events are listed below. All are welcome.

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